The fruit of the coconut tree

The coconut is, actually, no nut separate a stone fruit and comes originally from Asia. Today, however, the coconut tree is widespread, thus also in West Africa where our coconuts come.

The coconut is harvested as a green, relatively immature fruit. Then after removing the external layer the coconut is ready for the export. Only after some time the coconut receives the brown and hairy outside bowl known for us.

In some countries the flesh is valid as main food. Thus passes 100 g of fresh flesh from:

  • 358 kcal

  • 1498 kJoule

  • 45 g of water

  • 36 g of fat

  • 4 g of egg white

  • 4.8 g of sugar

  • 9 g of roughage

  • 380 mg of potassium

  • 20 mg of calcium

  • 39 mg of magnesium

  • 2 mg of vitamin C

After the dry one the water salary decreases to by which then the fat salary on approx. 65% rises.

Then of this basic material coconut oil, known also becomes as the coconut fat which finds use to the baking and roast. Further in the candy industry and for pharmaceutical as well as cosmetic uses.

The bowl of the coconut is an important raw material to the subsequent treatment for bowls, cups, carvings and toys. However, the bowl is also used as a high-quality fuel.

We export our harvest-fresh coconuts directly to our customers to the respective subsequent treatment or to fruit trade.