Sesame for the oriental kitchen

Originally sesame was home in parts of India and Africa. However, today sesame is grown worldwide in tropical and semitropical areas worldwide.

In the today's modern kitchen the seeds, the oil and the root of the sesame plant are not to be imagined as not existing any more. Particularly for therapeutic and culinary purposes the sesame is used.

While the seeds rich in oil of the sesame plant are processed to sesame-seed oil, the whole seeds which are mostly roasted serve for refining of cakes and pastries and to the spice of dishes.

Also as a pharmaceutical remedy the sesame seed is to be used. Thus one wins by cold pressure a fat oil with approx. 40% of oil acid and approx. 40% of linoleic acid, distant Palmitinsäure, Stearinsäure, Lignane, Sesamin, Sesamolin, Steole and vitamin E. Further one uses sesame-seed oil also than ointment.

There is sesame seed in the kinds white and black. However, more high grade the black sesame seed is the still nutty one than the white sesame seed tastes. If the sesame is roasted, his taste increases terrifically.

The sesame is suited as a baking ingredient, to meat courses and fish dishes and particularly to Asian courts.