Of cocoa becomes chocolate and more


Once Brasilen was the most important cultivation area for cocoa. However, this has itself in runs to the time changed. Today lies one of the most important cultivation areas in West Africa. From this cocoa production country we cover our cocoa nuts.

How all our products we from Africa export, are also the cocoa nuts from lasting cultivation. Since for us the welfare of the families and those, also during later years, sufficient harvest is the uppermost order. We provide for the fact that also the succession generation can live on the harvests.

Our exports of cocoa nuts are processed immediately after the harvest and to reach dryly around afterwards on the quickest way to the customer. We order complete harvests around the need of our customers to be able to cover.

We export only qualitatively high-quality cocoa nuts, of course also in bio-quality. Please, understand that we deliver our products exclusively to the processing trade as well as the wholesale, dispatch trade and retail trade.


With pleasure we send to you a test of our cocoa nuts.