Sheabutter cheers the body

To the production of Sheabutter one uses Kariténüsse of the Karitébaums., Among the rest, the Karitébaum grows in West Africa and feels finest in height situations between 100 m and 600 m as well as an average temperature of 27°C.

The main use of Sheabutter lies in the cosmetics industry and is processed there predominantly for the most different products to the skin care. However, Sheabutter is also used in the food industry, e.g., as a spare fat for cocoa butter.

We export only qualitatively high-quality Sheabutter, of course also in bio-quality, directly and without intermediate trade of the farmers in West Africa. Please, understand that we deliver our products exclusively to the processing trade as well as the wholesale, dispatch trade and retail trade.

With pleasure we send to you a test of our Sheabutter.