From the berries to the raw coffee from West Africa


Before the raw coffee come in the form of the unroasted bean to the customer, there is to act a lot for the farmers in Africa.

The coffee cherries must be picked after the maturity on time with it they do not dry up. But also afterwards the work goes on quickly. The beans are soaked for several hours in water to remove afterwards the cover. Then the beans reach to the dry one.

The farmers from whom we cover our raw coffee still with the hand explain all these works.

We cover our raw coffee exclusively and directly from the respective farmer's families we personally know. Thereby we can also offer to you raw coffee in bio-quality.

We export only qalitativ high-quality raw coffee. Please, understand that we deliver our products auschließlich to the processing trade as well as the wholesale, dispatch trade and retail trade.

With pleasure we send to you a test of our raw coffee beans.